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  • Who from my company should attend training?
    Ideally, we’d love to have everyone attend! The more members of your company that attend training, the more of a knowledge base your company will have. We understand that staff comes and goes, so the more people that are trained, the better positioned your company will be within the industry. Crew members planting and those employees supervising employees planting at a minimum are required to attend. Any landscape architects and designers would also benefit from attending, as well as other staff including Marketing, Purchasing, and Procurement, and office personnel will also find the training beneficial.
  • Where will training take place?
    When a company is accepted in the PlantRight Guarantee Program, training for employees participating in the training session will be scheduled at a convenient location. Our training team will bring hand-outs and support material including plants and PlantRight Guarantee products to plant a tree or shrub at your office location to demonstrate proper planting methods discussed during training.
  • Who is leading the training?
    Professor PlantRight (aka Rick Spurgeon) is a retired Arborist from the City of Olathe, where he spent more than 30 years caring for trees in the city. Additional qualified trainers may also conduct the PlantRight Certification training.
  • What can I expect at the training?
    You can expect approximately two hours of in-classroom training and two hours of hands-on training. If you have Spanish speaking crew members being trained, you will need to bring a translator from your company so the crew members completely understand the PlantRight Guarantee Program.
  • Will my staff need to bring anything to training?
    In addition to hand tools used for planting, the only thing they will need to bring is the willingness to learn and their phone to download the PlantRight app after training is complete.
  • How much does training cost?
    There is no cost for training to our customers.
  • Will CEUs be earned?
    Yes – CEUs are being secured and will be reported by our company.
  • Somebody missed the training that was held at our location. Will there be a make-up session sometime soon?
    For your new staff members or members who may not have been available with the initial training we conducted, we will be holding a quarterly training session at one of our facilities. Contact Beth Kornegay ( to get on that list.
  • What if someone doesn’t pass the post-training quiz?
    That person will not be PlantRight Certified and will need to attend an additional training class and pass the post-training quiz.
  • Will someone be keeping track of who is trained so we don’t have to?
    Yes! Our Marketing Manager will be tracking that information for each company involved in the PlantRight Certification Program. If you have questions, contact Beth Kornegay ( to see who from your company might still need training. Someone from your company, however, is required to keep her updated with information.
  • Does the PlantRight Certification reside with an employee, regardless of where they work?
    Yes. For members of your team who receive the PlantRight Certification designation, that will go with them if they move to another company. In the reverse, if someone who already has that certification comes to your company, that designation also comes with them.
  • Is the PlantRight Guarantee Program offered in Spanish as well as English?
    Yes. Our training materials will be bilingual.
  • Is there a website with the information covered in training?
    Yes – the information (and accompanying videos as they are released) will be available on the PlantRight phone app as well as the website.
  • What if I don’t want to guarantee the plants in all of my projects? Maybe it is just a small project or one where I am already not making a big margin.
    PlantRight Guarantee products must be purchased for ALL projects and ALL plants in order for your company to participate in the program and receive the PlantRight Guarantee. Not only is the guarantee an insurance policy, but your company also receives valuable training about proper planting. The PlantRight Guarantee is more than just selling product…it is about learning best practices for planting and increasing plant survivability once you finish a project. Why not increase your success even on small margin jobs?
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