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What is the PlantRight Guarantee?

The PlantRight Guarantee was developed to help our customers learn a better way to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials that will give their plants the best chance of long-term survival that results in happy customers because of their beautiful plants and landscape. The PlantRight system is a combination of efficient and functional transplanting techniques plus the use of necessary soil additives to create a favorable plant growing environment.

However, healthy plants begin with good propagation and production methods, good planting, and a good environment for the plant to thrive. The following combination of factors comprise our PlantRight Guarantee.

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Ensuring long-term viability of the plant requires many people doing their part correctly.

  • Propagation: starting plants using genetically superior seed/cuttings

  • Grower: must also develop a quality product and care for the plants by using high quality soil amendments and pruning techniques with no hidden problems that show up later

  • Distribution: plants that are handled carefully and cared for while in the yard and during transportation

  • Designer: selecting the right plant for the right location (sunlight/exposure requirements, mature size, moisture requirements, growing zones, etc.)

  • Plant Installer: a most critical part of this equation which is why we want to provide you with the proper knowledge during this training course giving you the confidence and pride in doing a terrific job each and every time you plant

  • Plant maintenance provider: proper watering requirements, pest monitoring, pruning, protecting the trunk from lawn care damage

There are many ways to kill, damage, or prevent a plant from thriving, but we know it truly is a combination of efforts during each of the above steps that results in a plant doing the job it was intended to do for your landscapes. One person’s actions can negate everyone else’s good work.

 PlantRight Guarantee Criteria: Companies participating in the PlantRight Guarantee are required to send their supervising and installation crews to a training class. Designers, landscape architects, company officers, owners, and office personnel are encouraged to also attend the hands-on demonstrations of the proper way to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials to gain a better understanding of the PlantRight Guarantee and its components. Our ultimate goal is to encourage everyone in the company to become familiar with our recommended procedures.

Expectations for success.

Prior to training being conducted, a contract signed by the officers of the company being trained must be secured.

The PlantRight Guarantee must be used by participating companies on ALL jobs that are installed. PlantRight Guarantee product must be purchased with all plants in the quantities prescribed as part of this program at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to audit planting procedures on-site at jobs and terminate participating companies from the PlantRight Guarantee at any time due to continued incorrect planting procedures, abuse of returns, and non-use of PlantRight Guarantee products or methods. This will be utilized only as a last resort and we do not anticipate needing to take this steps as this would only result in incorrect procedures that have led to the abuse of the PlantRight Guarantee.



PlantRight Guarantee training is offered several times each year at various locations.  This will consist of half-day classroom and physical planting demonstrations with proper plant height placement, nursery material transport, proper PlantRight Guarantee product applications/rates, and an overview of the program. After the class is complete, a simple quiz must be passed. A phone app must be downloaded that will include a virtual PlantRight card in addition to a physical card.


That PlantRight card must be shown to pick-up plant material covered by the PlantRight  Guarantee. All training, training materials, and videos are available in English and Spanish. Additional follow-up training for new crew members or crew members not available at the time of the initial training will be scheduled at a future date by PlantRight Guarantee representatives.



All products that are part of the PlantRight Guarantee must be picked up by a member of your team who has successfully completed the PlantRight Guarantee training. That member must also show their membership card when checking out, so it is vital to keep that PlantRight Guarantee card with them when visiting our nursery.



You can expect to spend about 10% of your total plant purchase on PlantRight Guarantee products to ensure your plants will have a healthy start in their new planting location.

When your team successfully completes the training session and follows the guidelines we’ve established for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials, we guarantee those plants to remain healthy for one year when properly installed by a PlantRight Guarantee certified and trained employee of your company.

If for any reason the plant dies, you will need to provide four photos of the dead plant (close-up of the twigs, close-up of the base of the tree, a photo of the entire plant, and a photo of the area taken from several feet away) and submit a claim form with your Account Representative. Photos will be evaluated and a replacement determination will be made at the discretion of the Site Manager. Factors we will use to determine plant death include proper watering after the plants were in the ground, if the plants were planted at the correct height, if the plants were planted in an incorrect location (planted in a shady area if the plant requires full sun, planted at the bottom of a hill where it sat in run-off from drainage, etc.).

Comparable replacement plants will be provided (and if the price has increased that must be covered by the customer), and additional PlantRight Compost and PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ must be purchased and used on the replacement plants. These replacement plants will not carry the PlantRight Guarantee. Any applicable delivery charges for the new plants are also not covered by the guarantee. The PlantRight guarantee is a one-time replacement guarantee. There is no further credit if your plant fails again.



Things like an act of God, animal damage, damage done by lawn maintenance, auto accidents, or similar circumstances as well as not following the PlantRight Guarantee Certification Process.


Guarantee vs Warranty

Both a warranty and a guarantee are promises to the customer. If you follow the PlantRight System, we guarantee those plants without a written contract each time you purchase a plant.



*We reserve the right to discontinue PlantRight Guarantee participation to accounts who abuse the guarantee.*

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