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What are the products associated with the PlantRight guarantee?

PlantRight Bio-Life 800+

This organic liquid contains more than 800 species of beneficial microbes that help create a favorable soil environment for plants to thrive. The benefits of using this product (produced by a company called Holganix) include: reduces transplant shock; grows an extensive root system, boosts color, creates longer lasting blooms, and less required maintenance. Works perfect for installing trees, shrubs, plants, sod, and seed.

The Bio-Life 800+ recipe is 2 parts water to 1 part Bio-Life solution. We recommend mixing this in a PlantRight five-gallon bucket and applied using a drench application with a PlantRight measuring cup directly to the soil for the newly planted plant. Follow-up applications can also be by spray application or fertigation.


PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ container sizes:

  • 1 quart - (ready to use with hose adapter)

  • ½ gallon

  • 1 gallon

  • 2.25 gallons

  • 5 gallon PlantRight bucket (filled on-site)

  • 250 gallon tote


Also available: 5 gallon PlantRight bucket and 2 or 4 cup sizes of measuring cups


How much PlantRight Guarantee product will I need?

*Talk to your Account Representative to determine the appropriate number of PlantRight Compost bags and amount of PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ you’ll need for larger jobs.

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