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What are the supplies I need to plant a tree or shrub?

Here’s a starting point of supplies you’ll need to purchase or bring to your tree/shrub planting job. Talk with your Account Representative to add them to your order:

  • Trees, shrubs, and plants that will be planted

  • Tarp to cover plants during transport; also used during the digging process

  • Appropriate size shovels

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Ball cart or skid steer (for large B&B or package trees)

  • PlantRight Guarantee supplies: 

  • PlantRight Bio-Life 800+

  • PlantRight Compost

  • PlantRight bucket to mix Bio-Life 800+ in

  • PlantRight measuring cup to measure and drench Bio-Life 800+ solution

  • Mulch (color requested by your customer)

  • Lodge poles if staking trees

  • Post driver or sledgehammer to drive lodge poles into soil

  • Nylon tree straps and wire if staking trees

  • Bolt cutters to cut tree basket away from rootball

  • Knife to remove twine, shrink wrap, and burlap from rootball or to score girdling root mass

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