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What is PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ and how do I use it?

  • PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ is an entirely organic liquid solution that contains more than 800 species of living microbes that help to create a beneficial soil environment. These microbes are alive and include mycorrhizae, bacteria, protozoa and other soil organisms. These are the natural organisms that drive the soil’s operating system but are often killed in man-made landscapes. It is so safe that the FDA gave it a food-grade designation.

  • Bio-Life 800+ can be easily applied to newly planted trees, shrubs, and other plants. Per directions, t he solution should be diluted 2 parts water to 1 part Bio-Life 800+. We recommend you mix a quantity of Bio-Life 800+ and apply it to all plants at one time vs. mixing once for each plant. Prior to mulching, use this as part of your team approach.

  • Bio-Life 800+ is comprised of live microbes, so be sure to shake the solution well prior to mixing as well as prior to application. The solution may be applied to plant foliage, but it is crucial that it is applied directly to the root mass soil and surrounding soil as well. Drenching is an easy method of applying. This product must be refrigerated (33-44 degrees Fahrenheit) between uses or utilized within a 48-hour period to prevent death of the microbes. Determine amount of PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ needed for today’s plantings. The correct amount should have been purchased with the plant material.

  • Shake Bio-Life 800+ container(s) to ensure thorough mixing of microbes and other ingredients.

  • Dilute 1 part Bio-Life 800+ with 2 parts water in a 5 gallon PlantRight bucket.

  • Place unused PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ back in refrigeration so beneficial microbes do not die.

  • Using PlantRight measuring cup, use drench method to apply to root mass prior to mulching for a better concentration of microbes directly to the plant roots. It can also be applied with a backpack or other sprayer, via hose-end sprayer, or fertigation system.

  • Bio-Life 800+ can be applied to the foliage as well as the root system and surrounding soil.

  • When watering plants, all the water needed may be applied after Bio-Life 800+ is drenched.

  • If storing mixed solution for up to 48 hours in a cool or shady location, mixture will need to be stirred again at time of use.

  • You cannot “burn” the plant by applying too much Bio-Life 800+ and in most landscape situations, it should be applied 3-4 times throughout the year at planting, April, June, and September. This is an excellent opportunity for a maintenance call to the homeowner and an add-on sale for your company.


Benefits: Encourages quicker root expansion; organic so it is safe for family and pets; better pest and disease resistance; helps plant use water and fertilizer more efficiently; and adds back micro-organisms that are often destroyed in landscapes.

Additional fertilizer & nutrients:

Generally, organic matter in compost provides all the needed ‘fertilizer’ as it is the microbes that make it available. Though additional fertilizer and nutrients are not always needed, those can be used at planting and at later maintenance. Too much fertilizer or fertilizer that is too “hot” can cause a variety of problems. The standard Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium provides the volume of macro-nutrients but missing micro-nutrients (like Iron or Manganese) often cause plants to be unhealthy. Plants need all micro and macro nutrients to survive long term.

These two products can be added at planting and provide any missing nutrients. A good soil test can provide specific needs. ‘NPK’ soil tests provided by universities are generally of limited use. Instead, detailed tests from a few private companies provide better information.

 Dramm 5N is a natural, stable, and complete fertilizer. It is not a fish “emulsion” that has most of the valuable nutrients cooked out of it for use with feeds, cosmetics, and other products. It provides nutrients over a longer period of time, just like the whole fish that Native Americans used in planting their gardens. It can be added right into the bucket with PlantRight Bio-Life 800+, making it quick and easy.

 Sea-90 Trace Mineral Fertilizer (sea salt) can be added at planting time too. It provides the micro-nutrients that can prevent iron chlorosis or some of the other leaf-yellowing deficiencies or similar problems. Growth rates, flower color, and several things can be affected by these missing micro-nutrients that we are often not aware of.

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